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The Linux Survival Guide

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This guide, written by industry experts, takes you step by step through the threats, risks and challenges faced by businesses using Linux.

In this guide, we explain in simple, clear language what the common risks are, how to recognise them and what to do about them.

The goal is reliable systems, secure data - and not having your day interrupted by IT issues.

If you use Linux within your business,

you need to read this guide.

When you've read The Linux Survival Guide, you will understand:

  • The six areas that even experienced system administrators get wrong
  • How to ensure your Linux systems are kept secure
  • How to avoid the need for emergency hardware purchases
  • The most common mistakes made when monitoring Linux systems
  • How to bring your Linux systems under control



About the authors

I'm Keith Edmunds, the founder of Tiger Computing. My team and I have been building and supporting Linux infrastructures since 2002, working with large organisations including Ericsson, the NHS and leading bioscience brands.

Our consultants spend all day, every day, working with Linux - and that's why I asked them to write this guide. It's built on almost two decades of helping businesses make the very best of Linux. Learn from the mistakes that we see businesses making every day.